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There’s a remedy in kindness: Insights from Amy Acton

December 8, 2020

Shout Out/Excerpt from Dr. Amy Acton in Ohio State Alumni Magazine interview

QUESTION: Can you share the impetus behind Ohio State’s Future Leaders of Public Health Scholarship Fund, created in your name?

ANSWER: It’s another one of those contagious things. There was a mom staying home during the pandemic, and her unique skills are around design. She and her son created “Act on Love Not Hate” yard signs. People from all over the state would ask for these signs, and anything extra after covering her costs she would set aside for this idea of starting a scholarship fund for the College of Public Health at Ohio State.

It’s a fund for people who have a story similar to mine. You know, I had a pretty rough childhood and beginning to my life. And there are many more of us. You know, two out of five children in Ohio are living in poverty and neglect. The scholarship fund will help people who, with their lived experiences, are so valuable. It’s a way to help those folks get into these fields where we need their insights to solve our biggest problems.

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